Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flying Out to Pennsylvania

I had the bright idea to plan an impromptu trip to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and after a frustrating ordeal of trying to get friends to go for the drive out, I ended up saving my sanity by buying a pricey plane ticket.

Admittedly, I was pretty grumpy about a road trip (sorry, pals) as the idea of a long drive seemed oddly unattractive. This could be due to having spent much of my time on vacations driving to the destination and I'm a bit burnt out. Though usually once I'm on the road the lovely landscape of rural America, and playing roulette with my iPod (there are six different playlist I listen to while in the car) I usually begin to settle right in to the ten hour car ride.

Flying out seemed more comforting to me. I was thrilled to see that there were still some flights available even if I have to leave at eleven at night and return at six in the morning. The idea of visiting with friends and family is worth it and frankly, well-needed, but I actually expected a bit more for the price point. Thank you my friends, for your generosity and the wonderful offer to drive out with you! But I'm still looking for a relaxing-style travel experience and this time around in involves me flying.

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