Sunday, August 2, 2009


I found a reliable online source that rates the safety and environmental impact of everyday products from food, personal care to household chemicals. GoodGuide was founded by Dara O'Rourke, an environment policy professor at University of California, Berkeley. The website is independently owned and has no corporate sponsors. The team behind this website consist of a network of leading academic institutions, scientists, engineers, and private research firm.

I found out that some of my products contain known carcinogens.
There is no better way to eat than with the company of my pals.Two of my friends came over for dinner Saturday night.

A walk outside to my garden gives me the same warm rush as a thoughtful gift. Sustainable and organic, this easy to maintain pleasure embodies the "eating green" ethos. My tomatoes have a fresh-picked taste. Admittedly, it also feels good to know that while growing my own, there hasn't been people palming the food. I want my cellulose intact!

Bundles of herbs are easy to grow, these ingredients I wouldn't typically pick up at the local grocery store myself, though, the selection of herbs I buy to grow have expanded my gastronomic repertoire and inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Tonight, we are having a caprese salad with tomatoes (mine), basil (mine), pine nuts (not mine), and buffalo mozzarella (give me a break). Then for the main course a pesto whole wheat pasta.

The price to grow a garden is reasonable, you're paying for the cost of convenience. I will continue to spoil myself and friends with this supreme freshness of produce and the enjoyment in maintaining it.