Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boston's Best.

250 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 424-1950

Betty's Wok & Noodle Diner

Category: Restaurants

A low-lit, made to look vintage couple's spot. Delectable food for the noodle lover or for those with a gourmet pellet and taste for fancier cocktails. This quaint modern noodle restaurant--relatively unknown to those outside of Boston--serves your choice of Shanghai Wheat, Chinese egg, Chow Fun, or Soba noodles with your choice of sauce with meat, seafood, or veggies. Entrees range from $8-15. Try their luscious sake based cocktails ($7) My only complaint is that the place needs less choices. I spent a good 15 minutes carousing over what to order.
148 Mt Auburn St
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 354-5233

Darwin's Ltd

Categories: Coffee & Tea, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Delis, Sandwiches
Neighborhood: Harvard Square

This sandwich bar/ coffee shop has a creative pizazz that is fitting to its cozy bohemian staff who play the best music selection in Cambridge (except for maybe Charlie Kitchens jukebox), not to mention offer free wi-fi. Their sandwich makers are true to their craft by making gourmet and unique creations. Add some variety to your meal with their homemade soups and tasty sides like their artichoke salad. Darwin's also carries a superior collection of local products and imported treats from wine and beer (to go) and their organic baked goods. My only objection is there aren't many seats available and when you do sit down its usually next to someone who is having a very steamy argument about the Pythagorean theorem or even worse screaming mummies. I love you so Darwin's, but its hard being loyal unless you lower your prices and if you do so I swear I will be yours... daily.

Dear my dearest blog.

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I have neglected you, but its time I told you the truth. I have found another source of entertainment. His name is Yelp and he is fantastic! Funny, smart, and very knowledgeable about where the "best" establishments are to eat and drink around the city and in almost every city. I know that being truthful is the key to any healthy relationship. So I decided to share some of my experiences writing for Yelp with you. I know it might be hard to look at, but I feel it is the right thing to do.