Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tonight is our Championship Game.

The Upper Peninsula

I write this to honor the weekend I froze my ass off in Upper Peninsula with my two friends Laura and Colleen. The Upper Peninsula, or tenderly referred to by locals as the UP is full of natural wonders from sandstone rock formations to large waterfalls that you can hike to in a day. We hiked bouncing from one gorgeous site to the next, fresh air, and discovered Midwestern beauty.

These gals make all sorts of fun and silliness even on a cold weekend that felt like Boston in November. Colleen sang sentences as if they were Broadway show tunes while posing for pictures. Laura and I talked and talked about food. Most of the time my head is so fascinated by what's going on with these two, I don't even notice my surroundings.

Because of the bad weather our plans to camp out turned into getting a cabin. The cabin was adorable - I mean everything: tiny beds, mini chimney, moose and bear curtains and so comfortably. We loved our little cabin.