Monday, May 11, 2009

The moment I saw my new bike I swear I smiled one of those mouth-wide-open-so-much grins. I stood transfixed for a while, gaping at my new bike to be. Not that it is anything impressive, quite the opposite - straight forward bicycle with curved handle bars and blue frame- but taking it out for a joy ride just sounded so damn fun.

Fitting the bike in my Camry would be difficult. I was convinced by the nice owner, Sal that this would be impossible. He offered to drop off the bike at my apartment the next morning. Sad that I wouldn't be able to take it out for a midnight joy ride I agreed. (Come on, the guy was going to drop it off for me?!)

Looking around at the cute, diminutive house, I was tempted to stick around and chat. Sal told me that the bike belonged to his wife and she had kept it in the garage for the last thirty years. You can imagine what could have happened to it during that time- heavy coat of rust from being too close to the furnace or it could have been stolen. But no, it remained in perfect condition. After a tune-up my bike will be my staple for every trip to and fro.