Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Last Weekend.

Yesterday, was a very busy and pleasant day.
In fact, this whole weekend was really nice and on-the-go. Saturday night,
I went down to the North End (Italian section)
and sipped on sambuca. Then went to a party in the oldest and
wealthiest neighborhood in Boston called Beacon Hill. We didn't know
the person who lived at the apartment and was invited by a girl in my program.
We played trivia while some dudes were playing guitar and violins.
This apartment was so fancy, and it had its own elevator! It had a dazzling rooftop
view of the city. I'd never seen an apartment like that before.

Yesterday during the day, I went to this funky craft store and made cards out of fabric. It soundsreally bizarre, but they came out pretty neat. This woman from Brooklyn, who is an author of a retro sewing book guided us through the art project. I felt
like I was in first grade, cutting the fabrics and playing with glue.

Then I went off to a super bowl party at this really small apartment. I again didn't know anyone there, except for a friend of a friend. Even though the game was awful for the
Pats, the party was fun. I don't watch football or care that much about it, but it was really painful to watch. The defense was horrible. I wonder if it was rigged. On our drive home we saw so many riot police with their night sticks out after the game. I've never seen so many cops in one night. Luckily, no riots broke out.

Tomorrow, I have a job interview at this animal rights organization called NEAVS. I would get to write, edit, and update their website. Its kind of ironic, everyone in the organization is vegan and its right above a McDonalds.