Friday, August 21, 2009

Biking in Boston

Before getting a bike, I was hopeless getting around on my own. Couldn't find parking if I drove. Running late to work because of subway delays. You know what I mean? What I didn't realize was that biking broadens the world of OPTIONS. And oh what a magical world that is. There are a gajillion ways to have fun riding a bike and we deserve to explore them all.

At first I was nervous to bike around a city notorious for bad drivers but I found through being a bike rider there are many people that are helpful and watch out for us. I bike through parks, Downtown, and to restaurants- contemplated how certain routes will take me to what destination, wondered what biking across to Roxbury would feel like. I must have circled Boston a dozen times. And then it dawned on me that bikes, they are for US to have fun. No other destination is necessary. So no matter what my plan is to bike to work or to a party, I definitely learn a lot more about my city when biking through it.