Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Longer My Governator

In 2003, Californians ousted then Democrat Governor Gray Davis in a recall and replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. This occurred during the middle of my Fall quarter at UCLA. Shortly after Governor Schwarzenegger was sworn in, my tuition for the courses I was enrolled in, went up considerably. A bill was sent out to every student on campus informing us of the additional amount that was now due. California is currently one of the most Democratic states in the nation (as seen in the most recent Presidential election with Obama winning over McCain 54-37%) to vote a Republican into position then meant there was a crisis at hand.

Some said Davis was behind a mountain of corruption, while others thought of the problems as merely a mole hill of negligence. One thing was for sure, Davis backed up a lot of budget cuts at the universities and colleges across California. The outcome of his dismissal meant students were in deeper financial debt.

Former student, Mohammad Kashmiri, of the UC school system, called foul to this act brought on by the new Governor arguing that the cost of tuition cannot be changed in the middle of a quarter. He brought this complaint to the Superior Court of San Fransisco, won the suit, and I received a large check in the mail today.

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During the time of the recall six women accused Governor Schwarzenegger of making sexual advances. Here's a video you may want to watch. Disturbing, yes, also revealing:

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