Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No heavy bag of cookbooks, but I did learn a delicious recipe.
Work has unfolded its challenges not only in keeping track of the many book sales, but now in who will become the next Hachette Iron Chef. The task is to create the most deserving and delectable dish possible. The winner receives
five of our best selling cookbooks.

I decided to bake something timeless and easy. Cupcakes!

I've tasted many cupcakes from coconut to red velvet. We're talking perfectly moist, just enough, but not too much sugariness and delightful flavors too. I've sampled many a different varieties - and now declare myself an addict. If cupcakes have such an addiction for me, then maybe there are others. I know if I ever get married damn right the cupcake'll be there.

I attempted to use the same recipe as Magnolia's. I hope to come home with a heavy bag of cookbooks.