Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New High

I love nature. My legs and arse ache from running, but I'm elated. This is the first time I've jogged outside along the Charles river, yet cantering along with the view of the city's landscape felt like I'd been doing this for for years. Rowers train on the river, their oars gleam through the water, twisting to break the surface. The ground where I stop to catch my breathe is covered in sprouts of young wild grass, poking their heads out in the dew of Spring. I hear runner thuds behind me, time to get moving. My feet pick up and connect with the rhythm of the movement. I jog back a couple of miles to my apartment while dreaming of devouring the artichoke and pesto raviolis I made the night before.

J-Schools Play Catchup

New York Times put out this article about journalism schools changing their curriculum from print to