Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spanish Movies

I admit, I'm ignorant to the world of Spanish cinema. I've scratched the surface watching the few movies redone for an American audience, but I've never explored the movies that show the authentic and sometimes darker side of Mexico. I wanted to hear the voices of those less frequently heard.

Last weekend, I was at the beach with my friend Evan. His wife, Liliana is a native of Tijuana. She wrote a list of her favorite movies. I watched a couple of films to see what influenced her while growing up. Needless to say, I understand a little bit of what I've been missing.

Liliana's List

1. Todo sobre mi madre
2. Lucia y el sexo
3. El espiazo del diablo
4. Entre los piernas
5. Huevos de oro
6. Kika
7. La mala educacion
8. Hable con ella
9. Tacones lejanos
10. Martin "H"
11. Todo el peder
12. Atame
13. Los amantes del circulo polar
14. Como aqua para chocolate