Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Party

Roman Polanski´s short film called "The Party", was set in the courtyard of Lodz´s National Higher Film School. The film was of a social gathering of students and faculty. In order to add some excitement to his film, Polanski hired a group of local "hooligans" to disrupt and cause some mayhem to the clueless guests. Polanski was kicked out of school for this stunt, but created his most acclaimed short film.

The fountain from "The Party":
From Warsaw, Lodz, Poland


Another American told me I could go down to the embassy and vote early. She voted at the American Embassy in Hungary without any problems.

So I went down to the American Embassy in Berlin to get it out of the way. I spoke with a stoic German guard who thought it was funny that I wanted to vote so soon. At first, I thought he was lecturing me by his expression and the tone of his voice. I was keyed in he was joking around when he said he wanted to help me vote for Obama. After telling him I was registered in California he said I shouldn´t worry about voting that there are enough Democratic votes and my vote really didn't matter. This conversation lasted for five minutes before he told me that I couldn't vote at the embassy. Who says Germans don't have a sense of humor?

I will try the American Embassy in Holland.