Friday, September 12, 2008

Bosnian Pyramid (click here for an article about the pyramids from NY Times)

There are actually three pyramids, but it is still unknown if they are real. I spent yesterday taking the bus to Visoko, then a cab, and hiking up to the top of one. The top of the pyramid looked like an archeological dig. There was a film crew shooting a low budget movie called "A Buried Land." Mostar tomorrow.


Just arrived in Mostar. I missed the train at 645 am and the night train was delayed. I am staying at this hostel that's basically an apartment shared by a nice Bosnian family. The son actually picked me up from the train station and the mom made me popcorn and juice. More to come.

The Bosnian Election ...

The election that could change everything for the Bosnian people is happening this fall. The competition for the next government official is close. Who would you vote for?

This guy....

and yes these are not criminals or members of the mafia, but actual politicians running for the next election.