Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drink- Four Points, Boston

As evidence by their kabillion five stars it has received, the wonderfulness of Drink has not been lost to drink reviewers. I found myself sipping on cocktails made by bartenders dressed in fedoras, tweed, and suspenders and look more like a team of 1930's reporters than bartenders. And, oh yes, does this team really know their shtick.

At Drink you will find beverages made with the best kept secrets of mixology, here revealed: homemade bitters (including chocolate mole), freshly picked herbs, squeezed citrus (which I was told gets squeezed a lot on Fridays and Saturdays). There is plenty of bar and table seating. The bar wraps around the bartender so you can watch them while they shake their little hearts out and pour you somewhat of a fickle drink of cleverly layered flavors.

The staff adds to the experience, solid suggestions of what you should drink, the fact that they never seem to be scurrying you out is a relief at a place with such abundance of choices. If you get lost in making a decision, they will patiently suggest drinks based on what you might be in the mood for tasting. "I would like something bright and asparagus please...and make it with bourbon!" And what you will get? A well-made, handsome, thought provoking drink.

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