Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sometimes, I admit, I need a fire under my ass to get up and do the things I want to do, be the person I want to be. ED2010 is a match for all young professional writers that want to "be journalists," but are not yet deep in the trenches of the business.

They host monthly events to benefit us newbies and get the buzz going about ways to break in. I recently attended a wine tasting event hosted by a young editor who started his own magazine called Wine Riot. The crowd of us were smiling and supportive. He shared his knowledge about wine and starting off.

Tonight is my event where I get to give something back. Basically, to be a member you host an event at your place, make food and have drinks. I feel good about spending some effort knowing it's going to entertaining guest and meeting people who would do the same for me. Plus the members are a dynamic, engaging bunch!

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