Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I just finished reading Jonah Lehrer's book "How We Decide."
I've always had a difficult time making decisions. I tend to over think
things till the decision becomes over rationalized and my instinct muffled by thoughts.

Big decisions gave me panic attacks.

My cure was reading several books about the brain (especially on prefrontal cortex), along with understanding what is going on in my mind that makes the decision difficult to make, practice shutting off over thinking through meditation. Wala! Clarity

Grocery shopping used to be a nightmare for me. I no longer dwell on what is the best choice for an optimized breakfast cereal that tastes the best and has the best nutritional ingredients. I just pick it and go.

Clip of Lehrer on Colbert Report:
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Lehrer talking about emotional brain vs. rational brain:

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