Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Macarons in Chicago

Macarons are getting off their Parisian plane and setting up shop all over Chicago. As the trend sets in, it is no longer the cupcake who in its heyday ruled over all desserts. The newbies have been schooled, and now, the macaron trend is here to stay. So why have these sweet petite sandwiches nudged their way to the spotlight? If done right, the macaron can be the perfect dessert. It’s petite size packs in a lot of flavor and has a crisp outer surface and a soft gooey interior. Not to mention, the butter cream frosting is sweet enough to satisfy those of us with even the most killer sugar craving.

What’s more, the flavor possibilities are endless. We’ve scoped out shops that included unique flavors from pistachio to lavender to even red velvet. There’s just about a flavor for everyone’s fancy! We sought out to find the best macarons in town only to be revealed here to our cultivated readers.

So let me fill your head with wonderful places to get these divine little delectables all around town:

Vanille Patisserie 131 N Clinton, Chicago (312) 575-9963: This swanky little spot near the West Side has a love for infusing flavors together in their macarons. Flavors like strawberry lemongrass and Orange Gingerin get major points on originality and creativity. The macarons are made with natural ingredients and come in an array of colors from chai (green), red velvet (red), and espresso (tan). Eat them on the spot or take them home with their cute packaging and share them with friends.

Bittersweet Pastry Shop and Cafe 1114 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL (773) 929-1100: This quaint little neighborhood cafe offers delicious macarons with flavors from almond, chocolate, raspberry, and lemon. Have them with a cup of coffee.

Bennison’s Bakery 1000 Davis St (between Maple Ave & Oak Ave) Evanston, IL (847) 328-3854: This place is worth the short drive out of city for sampling of their sweet treats. They make their macarons with egg whites and not with coconut giving them a lighter feel than most. However, flavor is not compromised in these meringuey almond treats. For a little piece of heaven, try their lemon or red velevet flavored macaron.

Fritz Pastry 1408 W Diversey Pkwy (between Southport Ave & Janssen Ave) Chicago, IL (773) 857-2989: This cozy bakery and tea room in Lake View offers light and fluffy European-style macarons with classic flavors including pistachio, vanilla, and chocolate. An assortment of colors and freshness, and best of all, each macaron is a mere .75 cents. It is easy to go macaron crazy here without breaking the bank!

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