Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wine Riot

My favorite new wines that I tried at Wine Riot:

Triumvir (California)
2006, Triumvir Wines Syrah
USA>California>Mednocino County $38

Farnum Hill, New England
2009 Farnum Hill Ciders Semi-Dry
USA>New Hampshire

Terra Andina, Chile
2009 Terra Andina Reserva Pinot Noir
Chile>Valle Central $14.99
2008 Terra Andina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc
Chile>Leyda Valley $14.99

Si Soave Italia, Italy
2009 Toad Hollow
Francine's Selection CLhardonnay
USA>California>Mendocino County $12.99
WJ Deutch, South America/Europe
2009 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Village
France>Beaujolais>Beaujolais-Villages $8.99

Esporao, Portugal
2007 Esporao Reserva Red
Portugal>Alentejo>Reguengos $24.99

Story of carmenie can be described as a comedy or tragedy. Taradino carmenie is a grape that originated in Bordeaux, France. It is very difficult to grow, in 1875 winemakers decided to stop growing it. 1875-1980's, the world had no carmenie wine...or so they thought. In 1994, in Chile they did a DNA test on a grape that they were calling for nearly 150 years Merlot. It turned out it was really carmenie. It took four years for the scientists to convince the Chilean government that what they were drinking was really carmenie. And now it a well-known and beloved unique wine.

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