Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boston Phoenix picked up my sighting of Lady Gaga

I have a ritual of getting a beer and reading the newspaper at Bukowski's tavern in Inman Square. It's usually a quiet crowd on a Tuesday night, but last night Lady Gaga was there with her entourage of dancers and bodyguards.

At first, I wasn't sure if it was really her (there usually is a lot of bleached hair and tattooes at this bar). Then I saw the outfit she was wearing: white leather bra and panties, a pearl sequined vest, fishnets, and white hooker boots.

After an hour, the bar patrons started to notice her too. A couple little stares here and there turned into full on gawking and even a few courageous fans going over to talk to her. The bar became packed after fans tweeted and texted to say who was at this bar off the grid of Boston proper.

Lady Gaga's bodyguard spoke into a tiny microphone on his sports jacket and immediately a black Suburban with tinted windows rolled up. The strange pop princess gave one Queen wave and walked out.

I ran out along with the cheery crowd of fans. She was quite gracious about taking photos with all 20 of us. This greatly irritated the bodyguards who flashed keychain lights into the eyes of the adoring fans. Lady Gaga left before anyone of us got a chance to realize what actually happened. Did our generation's pop princess really just grace the presents of our small town rock'n'roll bar? She did, indeed.

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