Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuck in DC airport (Monday)

As a last attempt to keep my sanity intact when told that the next flight out is at ten pm and it's noon, I considered it but then decided not to do my Christmas shopping at the souvenir stores here at the airport. No packing my suitcases with unnecessary memorabilia. Here's the reason why.

At Dulles there is no exception to junkety trinkets, thus the slew of awful stores including the Fox news store and fuzzy yippy toy store. As for the higher end stuff, be it liquor and higher ticket items, you'll likely be paying more here than at shopping malls.

Even without considering my depressingly boring wait, it seems that you can find ways to entertain yourself and eat for cheap. During my time here, I did find out the trick to getting good deals at an airport. You have to know what to buy and where.

Here's a list of the things I did purchase:

Giant Pickle
$.99 each

Presidential Bloopers DVD (I needed a white elephant gift)$17.99

Bowl of Broccoli soup: $3.50

Pint ol' New Castle (750ml)
Cheap wherever the hell you buy it.

I worked myself into a tizzy in my attempts to find a new scent at the duty-free store. But, unfortunately, you have to be a foreigner or traveling outside the country to shop here. After a bit of a chat about my preferences with the manager, she produced the perfect scent (that she told me I could buy at sephora) and even kicked in a sample bottle.

My advice- beware of the little tchotchkes; they're overpriced and add up quickly and STAY AWAY from the little plastic China made trinkets they are often astronomical expensive especially at the airports.

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Ashley said...

Ha! I bought my entire family Christmas gifts in the Raleigh-Durham, NC airport a couple years ago when I found myself with a lot of time to kill. No one was very excited about the Tarheels t-shirts let alone the Tarheel cookies, but I think I made a splash with the Ass-kicking hot sauce.