Friday, October 9, 2009


Technology is funny. As soon as I get set up with one thing I'm already behind in another. I finally got around to activating my Netflix account. Netflix will never have my heart, I love browsing the covers of movies at indie video stores and the strange guy behind the counter who can recommend me something obscure and thought provoking. Though, Netflix is neat...organized in Criteron categories by genre, country, and even what fellow Somerville residents are watching. What was I waiting for? Probably some service that allows me to watch movies instantly from my Ipod, cell phone, or other hand held device.

While traveling I asked the people I hung out with what are their favorite movies from their country. I filled my notebook with lists of movies and music to eventually check out. Surprisingly enough, most of those foreign flicks are on Netflix. After putting my six titles on my queue, I watched three episodes online instantly of This American Life and I'm officially hooked.

For those interested in knowing what is on the list. I wrote some of them down below:

Head On- Germany
The Class - France
8 1/2 - Italy
Let the Right One In - Sweden
12 days at the San Jose - Austin
Bananaz- Gorillaz documentary- England

Recommendations from my Persian friend.

1.Turtles Can Fly- directed by Bahman Ghobadi
A story taking place in a village in Iraqi Kurdistan on the eve of
the 2003 invasion.
2. Santouri "The Music Man" directed by Dariush Mehrjui
A movie banned in Iran, about a musician whose concerts are banned
and his struggle with drug addiction.
3. Leila also Dariush Mehrjui, about an infertile woman under pressure from her mother-in-law to let her husband take a second wife.
4. Ten- experimental film showing ten conversations of a divorced woman driving in her car, directed by Abbas Kiarostami.
5.Kandahar by Mohsen Makhmalbaf about an Afghan-Canadian woman trying to return
to her sister before she dies. Filmed during Taliban-era.
6. Offside and Crimson Gold- both by Jafar Panahi, both banned in Iran because of criticism of society lone feminist plot and about inequality.
Upcoming Movies..
&. Nobody Knows the Persian Cats by Bahman Ghobadi about underground musicians in IRan
7. About Elly

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