Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My thesis topic

I am following an idea exploring the different options of lunches for elementary school-age children. My interest peaked when I read about the $1 billion overhaul that President Obama plans to distribute to better school lunches. I'm hoping to talk to people at several schools, and I'm writing to their principals to find out more about their programs.

My originally idea was about adults and nutrition, but my thesis adviser said that I was too passionate on the subject matter to write objectively on it. We both decided it would be best to focus on children since I don't have as big of a bias on this subject matter.

I plan to go and watch schools during lunch period and also to talk with principals, parents, government officials, and nutritionist about lunch program at their schools. I also will go and watch a parent shop for lunches at a grocery store, follow a cafeteria worker as she prepares food, and eat lunch with children during lunch hour.

Since no one has written extensively about the subject matter, and depending upon what I discover, I may seek to have my report included in a publication that explores educational issues.

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