Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm hunting for a cheese to bring to my Japanese friend on her visit to New York. Bedford's Cheese Shop is just the place to look. Australian feta (they keep it a bowl of green olive oil by the counter) with a strong herbal flavor was my choice last time I was in Williamsburg and felt hungry. This time I need something that sets itself aside from other cheeses.

I often times feel dumbstruck with cheese overload when entering the store, though, I get over this by simply asking for a recommendation. They know exactly what to recommend and don't use too much of that triple creamed cheese jargon.

Every cheese seller I chat to about the gift recommends I have a sample of my own. Some cheeses are homely and welcoming while others comforted me with reassuring flavors. The muslin wrapped rind of some unique cheeses looks like the skin of a mummy.

I bring my friend dense Galloway cheese. It is made from raw unpasteurized sheep's milk. The sweet pungency dilates my nostrils the taste fills a void I never knew I had. I love this cheese. I leave with a floppy grin and a gift worth giving.


V said...

I am disappointed with you about your feta choice, there is no better feta than bulgarian feta, and you should know better, missy!!

Kendra S-L said...

Cheese overload is one overload with which I'm willing to cope.