Sunday, June 28, 2009

Future of journalism relies on psychic help

TMZ posted that Michael Jackson was dead six minutes before the coroner declared his death. I don't know how they did it (wire tapping at UCLA medical or maybe an office psychic). Who knew entertainment websites would be the place to turn for breaking news. I am assured that my guilty pleasure of reading tabloids will be very important to my career, life and future happiness.

So what does this say about receiving breaking news through the internet?

TMZ did not identify their source. However, their speediness played a part in the athletic game of who gets the news out first (good work in delivering factual gossip). Especially when the legit news sites like CNN, BBC, NY Times were bombarded with hits and google thought they were being attacked by a virus, (one that can do the moonwalk, that is). TMZ managed to grab the news first, the best in the game, they win.

Hopefully future happiness is still in the cards for those of us who read tabloids.

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