Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I gave up sports when I was ten. After being on the tennis team, dive team, soccer team, swim team, ballet, tap, modern dance, and gymnastics; I left my path to becoming super jock when my family moved to California from North Carolina. It's not like sports didn't exist in California. I just found something else to occupy my time.

In California, my sister and brother discovered rock'n'roll and being the youngest and having everything trickle down to me anyway their love of music naturally did too. I was introduced by my siblings to bands like Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Led Zepplin, Blondie, and Metallica. I was in love with exploring new kinds of music from oldies to punk. In high school, I would spend my weekend at the teen center watching local bands. Many nights I would lay on my bed looking at the ceiling listening to Pink Floyd. Music not sports was what I turned to.

As an adult, I've been feeling the need to become a team player again. Sports seem to be the common thread that connects people in a city like Boston. With the economy being as bad as it is many of my favorite bands aren't touring to Boston anymore. I need a free and simple activity that I can enjoy and get my heart pumping like music did. It is time to discover the unexplored world of sports.

I joined my publishing company's softball team. Everyone on our team is different; from the older guy getting married in sales, to the stoner in receiving, and the girl in the finance department. We are a team and under that title we are brought together to expand our skills while having a good old time.

The first time I went up to bat, the pitcher threw the ball in an upside down rainbow. I swung as hard as I could. I slightly tapped the ball while spinning myself 360 degrees and falling to the floor. I didn't even make it to first base, but caused a uproar of laughter from both teams.

I had a blast. Cheering on teammates and slapping the hands of the opposing team at the end of the game. Even though, I probably won't join a laundry list of different teams like I did when I was younger, I will explore the world of sports starting with softball. And who knows I might tack on competitive swimming and ballet too.

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