Monday, February 2, 2009


I discovered metacritic last week and its definitely one of my favorite websites out there. Unlike any other website for reviewing the arts, metacritic lists the reviews from esteemed writers and well-known publications on a variety of new releases from music, books, TV shows, and movies.

The site is intuitive and easy to navigate. Metacritic takes the essential quotes of each critic's review to create a short summary. If I'm in a rush, I can read the excerpts and come up with my own consensus of the reviews. If one of the excerpts seem particularly intriguing, then I can click on the hyperlink and read the entire article from the publication's website.

Metacritic has a personal score system called metascore. This is useful, if I'm considering seeing a movie and don’t want to learn too much about the plot. I can skim down the line at the numeric scores and see the averaged out grade the movie received.

Metacritic also has a top ten list of favorite picks from retail stores like amazon (based on consumer popularity) to local weeklies across the nation.

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