Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Bruges

I made it to Brughes. I know, I know, I saw the movie and heard how its a tourist trap and a bit fake. But look here, the first thing I did when I arrived was attend a Belgium beer tasting at the hostel. Find my notes below about Belgium beers:

Duvel beer : 2nd most favorite drink amongst the locals. Give the bartender the hand sign of devil's horn when ordering it in Belgium. Each Belgium beer has its own distinct bitterness and served in the proper glassware. The glassware brings out the beer's distinct and original taste and smell. The glassware in particular for duvel has a laser engraved "D", in the bottom of the glass. The glassware makes you drunker faster apparently.

A good bartender serves beer should leave a bit of beer in the bottle and give the bottle. Beer here, should not be drunken fast, it is about savoring the flavor with good conversation.

Trappist beers are brewed by monks. There are only 7 Trappist beers in the world, and six of them are from Belgium.

These beers aren't for commercial sales, they make the beer just for appreciation of the taste. The money goes back to the monks only so they can make more beers.

2. Orval beers- 6.2 % alcohol. Monasteries brew this beer. The legend of how the beer was developed is the following. A woman's husband had just finished battling in war. The only thing she had of their love was a ring. The wife lost her ring while bathing in a pond. She lost her ring and prayed to God that if someone found her ring she would build a monastery. A giant fish jumped out of the water holding the ring in its mouth. And she opened a brewery that to this day brews orval beer. This beer is bitter and has a sour aftertaste.

3. West malle triple- strongest of most of the Belgium beers. 9.5 % alcohol. Any beer over 13% is considered a sparkling wine. This beer has a alcoholic finish with a sweet start.

4. Chimay- comes in three colors- blue, red, and white. The blue is the darkest of the three. It is a sweeter beer, but not sugary sweet. It's a full body dark beer with malted hops.

5. Brugs - more refreshing than most beers. It should be served cold and goes down the smoother than most beers.

More notes to come the internet connection is good in Brughes.

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