Thursday, September 25, 2008


I hit a plateau in traveling. I lost my purpose and started to get depressed about my future, but I am taking it as more of a sign that I need to recharge.

I am in Munich with my friend Sandra from high school who lives in a small village outside the city. I have been to Oktoberfest. I went twice and it is everything I thought it would be being more lively than any concert or festival I´ve ever been to, but it wasn´t as exciting as sight seeing and visiting with an old friend.

I was in need of staying in one spot for awhile. Recharging is just as important as a good nights rest. I did do a lot of sightseeing today. I went down to the Olympia park where the 1972 summer olympics were held and then to the futuristic BMW museum.

I am gaining my energy for my next bulk of travels, which includes hiking in the snowy caps of Slovakia, sightseeing in Graz, going to Berlin, exploring small villages in Hungary and Poland and possibly spending a period of time (longer than two days) in either Italy or Amsterdam or Transylvania. I don´t plan past a couple of days so these are just some ideas floating around my head. If I get sick of traveling I will not force myself to go on further.

More than anything this traveling experience is more of a mental exercise. I am focusing my energy on staying in the present. Not having control over my future scares me and I have a tendency to think about the past. When I am in the present I am better than fine.. I am strong and compelling. I am learning to live day to day and for the most part I am understanding how to do it.

I´m learning loads about other cultures and meeting interesting people.

I will transcribe my journal onto my blog soon. Right now, I am only concerned about relaxing and taking care of myself.

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