Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ironically, Crystalworld was a rather dark and surreal place. I remember my mother telling me she had a bad reaction to CW when she visited. I never knew what she meant, but now seeing it firsthand I could imagine its because of the very strange exhibits. One of the rooms contained a musical box that played music that could easily have been from a horror movie. The pictures from the fairytale that went along with the music was of a dog getting cut in half by a butcher knife. I haven=t a clue what this has to do with crystals.

My favorite exhibit was one created by Brian Eno. He called it a growing crystal of 500 million crystals. Every second it would slightly change shape or color. He wrote the score for it, which was ambient and soothing. I sat and watched it for about ten minutes in a calm trance.

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