Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am looking at the skeleton of the bobsled from the 1984 Winter Olympics. It was built in 1982 and cost 12 million dollars to build. It is completely destroyed. The Serbian forces used it as protection and made holes in it to point their guns and shoot at the Bosnians. Haris warned us to stay only on the pavement because there were still active mines all over the woods.

35% percent of Bosnian land still has mines, which are basically around the mountains and in outside rural parts of Sarajevo. No one knows exactly where the mines are, but the military detenates bombs on a daily basis. I heard one go off in the distance and saw smoke rising upwards. A Bosnian man saw me jump after the loud explosion that echoed down the mountain. He said it was the military who were "safely" setting them off. They use dogs to detect the mines.

The city itself is clear of mines, but I still feel uneasy walking past construction sites or areas with vegetation.

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