Friday, January 25, 2008

The Publik House, Brookline, MA

Dear PH,

I thought I loved you Publick House, until yesterday when you treated me oh so poorly.

You made me wait for an hour and 20 minutes for a table at 8pm on a Wednesday. Your server wasn't that friendly and the food took another hour to prepare.

I still remember the good old days. Your delicious macroni and cheese is like no other. You offered me eclectic add-ons (like truffle oil or asparagus) to my already superior mac and cheese. I always appreciated your giving nature.

I have to admit to you, you were really good last night. You impressed me with the fish of the day (written in your crazy old timey Belgium print). My salmon was succelent, with sliced potatoes cooked in loads of olive oil and sprinkled with gruyere cheese. The dish was costly ($16) but worthwhile. And the lumpy gravy beer ($5) you served me paired nicely with the light fish dauced in a beer mustard sauce.

I will give you another chance Publick House. Only if you promise to show me the respect I deserve. Tell me what beers go nicely with what dish. Act interested when I tell you my stories of climbing up a snowy hill in Munich to try one of your delicious beers that you offered to me last night on tap. And please don't make me wait around... because I won't. Next time I will leave your ass and go off to other breweries in Boston. You are warned my beloved Belgium bar/restaurant.


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