Thursday, September 27, 2007

Behind the Scenes at Revenge of the Book Eaters Show

Last night I worked an 826 event called Revenge of the Book Eaters. Members of the band Of Montreal were there among many other eclectic performers and comedians. My job most of the night consisted of carrying around a video camera and interviewing the performers and volunteers. This job was something I had no intention of doing, but there was no one else to do it. It turned out to be extremely amusing. I got to see the green room, where the bands relax and prep before going on stage, which was a first for me. In the green room, Of Montreal was practicing and I went up to talk to them and asked a couple of questions. I looked at them (and usually never get star struck) but I did, and it was god-awful, I couldn't speak. I badly stuttered and wasn't able to form the words to ask if I could video tape them. They gave me a puzzling look, shrugged, then picked up their guitars and just started to sing a improvisational song. I just stood there with the camera until they were finished performing. It was brilliant! I thanked them- felt foolish, and walked away.

Then later during the night at the VIP reception (still holding the camera). Kevin, (lead singer) came up to me. I had a cookie lodged half way into my cheek and I turned to face him. He said, "What's up video girl?" Still with a cookie in my mouth, I said, "Doing well," covering my mouth. I told him that I can normally talk and that I usually don't stutter or have a cookie in my cheek. He said that my stuttering was very endearing. Then continued to talk to me about the stages he performs and how acoustic sets makes him nervous and how when he performs at smaller acoustic events he feels insecure because he can hear himself and that makes him really nervous. I told him that I could relate to his nervousness.

After the show, the volunteers and performers went out to a bar down the street. I only stayed for a bit, I was exhausted from running around helping out. Kevin was sitting alone and so I came up to him and told him that he played a very amazing and memorable set. He sat back, with a blank expression and stared at me for what felt like minutes. I told him that he played my favorite songs from his newest album and a great Buzzcock cover song. Then after I was done he mimed "Thank You". It was fairly strange interaction.

It was a glorious night and volunteering for 826 proved to be pretty successful- I met a couple new friends and had a semi-successful experience as a videographer.

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